Are You On the Verge of Giving Up On Finding the RIGHT Support for Your Pet’s CANCER?

“Here’s A Natural and High-Quality Product

 That Has Already Helped THOUSANDS of Pet Parents And Animal 
Lovers Around The World Naturally…”

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Details about the product :

  • ​Made with a gentle, holistic approach
  • ​Formulated to help strengthen your pet’s immune system
  • ​Contains only high-quality ingredients
  • ​Promotes better long-term overall health and quality of life
  • ​Can also be used in addition to more “conventional” medical treatments such as chemotherapy

The information below is an approximate for how long 1 bottle of PIPTOPET will last according to your pet’s weight:
  • ​Less than 5 lbs (2 kg): 5 months
  • ​Between 5-10 lbs (2-4.5 kg): 2.5 months 
  • ​Between 10-20 lbs (4.5-9 kg): 1.5 months 
  • ​Between 20-50 lbs (9-23 kg): 1.25 months 
  • ​Between 50-80 lbs (23-36 kg): 1 month
  • ​More than 80 lbs (more than 36kg): 25 days

Attention: It Is Possible To Support Your Pet During
Cancer Using NATURAL Means…

We’ve Got A Natural Product To Support Your Pet Who's Fighting CANCER 

or TUMOR That’s Made From a Mushroom: Fetoposis Betulina…

That has been SCIENTIFICALLY-PROVEN to have several health benefits, including ANTICANCER properties!

From: Suzie Cyrenne
Quebec, Canada

As a pet parent and animal lover myself, I understand what it’s like to walk in your shoes.

If we’re being honest, cancer is the most devastating disease that your pet could ever be afflicted with.

Besides subjecting your precious animal family member to extreme levels of stress and discomfort, this serious illness will also significantly affect his quality of life in a very negative way.

And if this disease isn’t IMMEDIATELY and PROPERLY kept in check, it’s highly likely that it will lead to fatal consequences before you know it.

However, unlike what a lot of people mistakenly believe, “conventional” treatments such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiotherapy are not the ONLY available options you can go for when supporting your pet during cancer.

We’ve got a natural and high-quality product that you should consider including in your home pet care checklist when it comes to improving your animal family member’s quality of life during this serious disease.

So What Is This Natural And High-Quality Product?

This product is PIPTOPET and it has already positively changed the quality of life of so many pets suffering from cancer worldwide with incredible results.

Zumalka's PIPTOPET is made from a type of mushroom called Fomitopsis Betulina, which has been backed by concrete scientific evidence to possess potent immune system-boosting and anti-cancer capabilities.

Did you know that the National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI) has mentioned that Fomitopsis Betulina has "exhibited various biological activities against cancer cells" and the studies of this mushroom have "revealed anticancer properties."

PIPTOPET has already positively changed the quality of life of so many pets suffering from cancer around the world with incredible results.

While PIPTOPET is not the only natural product that is specifically designed to support pets during cancer available these days, what separates it from the rest is the fact that it only uses the best of ingredients.

We at Zumalka do not cut corners and also believe that using only the highest-quality of ingredients is important to realize the positive impact we’re looking to achieve on your pet’s life.

And this is where we shine.

But before we delve much deeper into PIPTOPET, let me tell you about Zumalka a bit…

Sharing The Benefits of Natural Products To Pet Parents And Animal Lovers Across The Globe

We are a group of homeopaths and holistic medicine practitioners who are dedicated to spreading the word about the wonders of supporting pets suffering from illness, especially cancer, through natural means.

While we’re aware that “traditional” methods of medical intervention are sometimes necessary, good and clear information on homeopathic products seems to be lacking.

That's exactly why we started Zumalka.

Guided by our combined knowledge and experience in holistic medicine, each of us have made a commitment to improve the lives of all pets worldwide by giving pet parents and animal lovers access to high-quality natural products at affordable prices.

And one of these products is PIPTOPET, which has already helped thousands of people around the world in terms of supporting their pets during cancer.

We’d also like you to experience PIPTOPET’s benefits as regards to maintaining your animal companion’s overall immune system health should he be diagnosed with this serious disease.

How Can You Use PIPTOPET To Support Your Pet During Cancer?

PIPTOPET is a natural spray that is designed to support your cat or dog during cancer.

Here are some other features about PIPTOPET that you will find interesting:

  • ​Made with a gentle, holistic approach
  • ​Formulated to help strengthen your pet’s immune system
  • ​Contains only high-quality ingredients
  • ​Promotes better long-term overall health and quality of life
  • ​Can also be used in addition to more “conventional” medical treatments such as chemotherapy

Depending on your pet’s weight, you just have to administer the required number of sprays per day either in water or directly in his mouth using the quick guide below:

  • Less than 5 lbs (2 kg): 5 months
  • ​Between 5-10 lbs (2-4.5 kg): 2.5 months
  • ​Between 10-20 lbs (4.5-9 kg): 1.5 months
  • ​Between 20-50 lbs (9-23 kg): 1.25 months
  • ​Between 50-80 lbs (23-36 kg): 1 month
  • ​More than 80 lbs (more than 36kg): 25 days

We’re very glad to share with you that we have already received quite a few positive reviews of PIPTOPET from pet parents who have purchased it for their animal family members.

These positive comments mainly relate to how PIPTOPET has helped improve their pet’s quality of life during cancer. But don’t just take my word on it.

Let me share a few ACTUAL testimonials from pet parents who have already tried using PIPTOPET on their precious animal loved ones….

What Are Others Already Saying About PIPTOPET?

“Lola, my 11-year old Bullmastiff, was diagnosed with an aggressive type of carcinoma. I decided to try PiptoPet because of the positive reviews. A month so far and it looks like the mass is now shrinking.” - 

"I have an Australian shepherd. She is 15 years old. A year ago, she was diagnosed with bladder cancer and the vet had said that he didn't think the dog would live more than a couple of months. PiptoPet has really worked well for over a year now. This product has slowed down the cancer. You should really try it." - Cam L.

"We are really amazed with the results. My little guy was diagnosed with a bladder tumor in December. And we started him on PiptoPet together with his regular medication. After 5 months, the tumor completely shrunk and is totally gone." - Elena

"She’s been on it for over a year and she’s doing great.My dog was diagnosed with leukemia. I contacted Zumalka and they recommended the PiptoPet formula. Her white blood cell count is now within normal range." - Debra

"I use PiptoPet spray twice a day for my dog, Sparky, to fight sarcoma. If you were to see him running and playing, you would never suspect that he has sarcoma." - Sandy

“My 12-year old Aussie cattle dog’s had ovarian cancer and another tumor on her shoulder. In the last month, it's gone down by about a third. It is definitely 100% worth a shot if you have a dog with cancer.” - 

I noticed an improvement with our dog, Cindy, within two weeks. She had energy. She seemed to be feeling better. Definitely not getting any worse." - Trish

“I am one hundred-percent believe that this has helped 
him (her dog, Hershey) maintain his quality of life.” - Laurie

“"We just love the mushroom content about this stuff. We actually ordered a different mushroom powder from another company. It was super expensive, but my boy refuses to eat it. I love that I can just spray PiptoPet in his water and he gets it when he needs it."” - Chris

As You Can See....

PIPTOPET  Has Already Helped Countless Pet
 Parents And Animal Lovers Around The World…

The Question Is: Are YOU Next?

BUY 1 Save $10.00

($76.95)  Saves $10.00


So Here’s The Deal…

While you can shop for PIPTOPET on the Zumalka website, buying it DIRECTLY right here gives you a $10 discount on your purchase.

Immediately providing your animal family member with the right natural support during cancer is essential to help maintain the proper functioning of his immune system health.

This is because the stronger his overall immune system is, the better his fighting chance against cancer will be.

Availing of this deal right here not just gives you the opportunity to give your pet the support he truly deserves, but also get more out of your money’s worth at the same time.

Buy PIPTOPET Right Here And Get These FREE Bonuses!

When you order PIPTOPET right now, you’re also going to get FREE copies of our comprehensive yet easy-to-read dog and cat cancer PDF guides.

These guides contain valuable information as regards expert tips to help improve your pet’s health, as well as natural and affordable solutions that you can go for.

Additionally, you will also get in on clear and reliable recommendations on how to give your cat or dog the care and attention he really needs during this illness while at it, too.

My Way Of Saying “Thank You” To All Dedicated And Loving Pet Parents And Animal Lovers Worldwide

Just to be very candid with you, Zumalka isn’t known for regularly giving discounts and price-offs on our products.

But the thing is that I am giving you this opportunity to stock up on PIPTOPET with really big savings as my special way of saying thank you for the love and dedication you have for your pet, especially during this trying time.

This is also a gesture of gratitude from my end simply because YOU ARE HERE. You’ve chosen to go for a NATURAL option to give your cat or dog the support he deserves when he really needs it the most.

Time Is Of The Essence When It Comes To Providing The Right Natural Support During Cancer

When it comes to cancer in pets, your cat or dog will have a better chance of overcoming this serious disease when you provide the right natural support as early as possible.

And more and more pet parents and animal lovers are applying this mindset as regards maintaining the immune system health of their animal family members during this illness.

The earlier you give your pet the right natural support he needs, such as PIPTOPET, the better his quality of life will become.

A Paw-Some Guarantee For Your PIPTOPET Purchase

PIPTOPET is hands down Zumalka's most popular and fastest-selling product.

And thousands of pet parents and animal lovers across the globe have already witnessed PIPTOPET’s benefits when they used this product on their precious animal loved ones.

We’re very confident with PIPTOPET—given its NATURAL and HIGH-QUALITY ingredients, not to mention the numerous people who have already experienced its benefits—that’s why we even offer a 60-day MONEY-BACK guarantee if you’re not FULLY satisfied with the product.

A Limited Offer You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

One of the most crucial things about supporting your precious animal family member during cancer is immediacy.

Bolstering your pet’s immune system health as early as possible when he is afflicted with this disease not just promotes long-term overall health, but also improves his quality of life.

You simply have to SCROLL DOWN this page to buy the PIPTOPET product your cat or dog needs to help him during this disease.

Give your pet the support he truly deserves during cancer. Get the peace of mind you’ve always wanted for your pet during this terrible disease.

Naturally with you and your pet, every step of the way!

BUY 1 Save $10.00

($76.95)  Saves $10.00